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Where can I find happiness?-10 Things that made me joyful

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Where can I find happiness - Enjoying life through small things


You may have heard the advice to “enjoy the little things” so often that the words have become almost meaningless. But even if it sounds like a cliche, I believe there’s real truth behind it. In this blog post , I will tell you where can I find happiness.

Life is a journey full of slog and drudgery with small colourful pebbles of happiness spread here and there. You just need to open your eyes and find them. Collect them. Like little sea glass pieces. They may be tiny, but when you gather them all, the treasure chest of beautiful memories that you’ll have at the end of your journey will be really heavy. Happiness is something you can find along the way in many many places during your journey through life. It comes from noticing and enjoying the little things in life. From those seemingly insignificant, everyday, ordinary moments. 

Taking time to appreciate the pleasures life brings, however small, can promote satisfaction and an overall happy life. Gratitude has been shown to literally change your brain chemistry , not to mention that the more someone is thankful or feels gratitude, the less there is time or room for negative thoughts.

So when I feel a bit gloomy I go back to the basic things in my life that sometimes can be felt granted by time, and also to those things that I can’t live without.

I have gathered together some of these that brought a lot of joy and happiness to my days last week. 

Where can I find happiness?


The list is “in no particular order of importance”.

1. Photographing Nature

Nature heals…
Being in nature undoubtedly feeds the soul, and lifts the spirit so there’s no surprise that something about nature makes me feel more alive and vital. What especially feels good is when I am outside, and I take nature photos. Nature photography is so calming, it definitely serves as a type of mindfulness practice while snapping photographs with my camera..

2. The Raindrops

Ever since I was little, I have always felt connected to the rain. I love listening to it. The tapping sound of the rain on a tin roof takes my soul somewhere else. I find it interesting how something that is typically associated with melancholy can make me feel so joyful and at the same time, safe. 

I also love the moment when the rain stops, the white noise disappears and suddenly everything becomes so quiet and peaceful. Then the sun comes out, and the sun rays falls on the tiny water droplets.  Just watching them glistening in the sunshine can revitalize my spirit.There is no question why it needs to be included on my happy list.

3. The SEA

The beach is my happy place. From collecting Sea Glass pieces, to gazing the horizon, we can spend hours together with my daughter at the beach and never get bored. The beautiful scenery, tiny pebbles, colourful sea glass pieces and soothing seaside sounds all contribute to a natural spiritual retreat for me.

Stream flow in the lock gates
at Portishead
Lifeboat Beach, Portishead

4. a new Jewellery

Receiving a piece of wonderful Sea Glass jewellery as a gift certainly brightens up the day for many of us. But for me, the biggest happiness comes from creating these beautiful treasures. The whole creation process from making the jewellery, to getting the package ready makes my heart happy. Knowing these pieces will bring happiness to someone’s life gives me so much Peace and Fulfilment while I am creating them.

6. Sunset from the kitchen

Rich colours, warm lights, dramatic skies.. I simply love the sunset. Especially watching it from the kitchen window. There is something magical around this time of the day and spending my time in the kitchen with a simple house core task: cooking dinner or just washing the dishes- is something I find really enjoyable during sunset time.

The warm lights and deep shadows at sunset create a magical aura that envelops the surroundings, always creating a sense of serenity and harmony in our home.


Autumn is full of warmth, happiness and colours. This is probably the biggest reason why I love autumn so much. Everywhere I look, is beautiful… The transition of the leaves on the trees from green to red, the migrating birds, the fruits and conkers and other seeds, and all the colourful fungi are some of my favourite signs of the upcoming season. Though we still need to wait for the dazzling display of gold or crimson leaves a little bit, small changes can now definitely be spotted in our surroundings. As it marks the end of the warm days, it’s got a lot to do with the feelings of nostalgia but also comfort...It is the perfect reminder that change can be beautiful. This time of the year takes my breath away.

9.Butterfly landing close to my jewellery

I was taking photos of a ring I made (SNEAK PEAK: YES!! Rings are coming to the webshop soon!!) and then suddenly a BUTTERFLY landed next to it. How amazing is that?? I believe butterfly is a good omen, and seeing one is a sign that positive change is transpiring, and brave forces are watching over me. It gives me comforting, warm happy thoughts when I feel the universe, or god is guiding me.

10. Playing with a magical game

 I am not a big player, but I do have one game that I truly love, and it is absolutely worth talking about. This game is UNRAVEL. There is a beautifully told story, with a cute little yarn character called Yarny, adventuring through memories, on the magical Swedish landscapes. It is a warm emotional game full of symbolism and bitter-sweet glimpses. The story, the scenery and the beautiful music all give me many deep feelings and calmness while it droves me into the game. It brings back childhood memories, which is no surprise as the settings are filled with a heavy sense of nostalgia

I love everything magical, you can surely tell by the photos I create or by almost anything I make. I do feel these inspirations coming from another realm. Like from a magical land…And this game reminds me of the same magical land where I find myself getting my inspiration from. 

My daughter is also a big fan, so I made ‘YARNY’ for her which she loves to bring with us to the beach. For us, this little Yarn figure serves as a beautiful, yet constant reminder that happiness can be found anywhere.

Unravel Trailer from the official site :

 Interesting fact: One of the first things you see at the very beginning is a pillow, on a chair, with some Swedish words embroidered on it.. It says “Lycka blommar ur sma enkla ting” I was curious, what does it mean, so I’ve just googled it…It means “Happiness blooms from small, simple things.” 🙂

Happiness is something that people seek to find, yet what defines happiness can vary from one person to ANOTHER. 

We would love to hear about your happy list! Leave us a comment with your happy moments from the last week.







I found a rock that is more than TEN-THOUSAND years old

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