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Do you believe in destiny?

I wouldn’t say everything is planned, but I think some of our milestones in our path
are already written somewhere, and there are several “meant to be” moments during our time here on Earth. If you’re curious about how fate has played a role in our lives, let’s read our story.


THE vision

Living by the sea, we have been regular observers and participants with my daughter in combing the beach for sea glass. I love the calmness we feel every time when we are at the beach. We love listening to the sound of the waves, and we are always amazed by the stones washed out on the shoreline.

One day, when we were at the beach, I saw a mysterious, elderly woman with beautiful long grey hair sitting on a big pile of stones, searching for the perfect piece of pebble. When I say mystifying, I mean she felt really mystic, like a fictitious person from a tale, except that she was real.

I was fascinated by her persistence and yet there was something strange at this moment; I had a feeling that I need to pay attention to the details because there is a hidden message in the feeling I am experiencing. So I opened my heart and listened deep within and suddenly I got a message like a vision.

My thoughts crystallised with the suddenness of a bolt of lightning.

The entire idea of BREENA came to me within a second. I had a strong desire to do something special with these precious stones. I’d never really experienced an insight like this before but I suddenly knew what I needed to do… I’ve decided to help the people know more about how to use the sea glass and I wanted to create a unique gift experience that people can happily give to their loved ones.

Keeping a sea glass close to you can be a really powerful tool.. But I have to tell you, in the beginning I couldn’t even wrap my mind around it. There was a time when I had self-doubt, and though my vision might just be a delusion. At the time I didn’t even understand how a sea glass can be so healing until I made the first piece of jewellery and started to wear it every day. I learned that when I wear my necklace I would feel calmer and get powerful insights into what to do next in a difficult situation. Every little piece of sea glass has a really powerful hidden energy.

As time passed, I was getting more clear about this project, about how we could help and the genuine concept behind these unique sea glass necklaces. 


During the preparation, I got several confirmations from the universe that this is our path and don’t lose hope; Keep going and trust it.

Eventually, I let go of control and just trusted the process and the source.

From this day forward, we started to collect sea glass pieces with my daughter with the intention of making something truly magical with them for the people who needed them or the people who didn’t even know about their soul needs them. 

Photo: Bernadette Photography
A picture about the pebbles from the beach, represents our story.


sea glass jewellery from Portishead

BREENA is a sweet, simplistic name that translates from Gaelic to mean “of the fairy palace.”The alternative meaning of the name is ‘noble’ or ‘exalted’ which comes from the name Brianna.

As I was browsing through a list of names, I felt a strong attraction towards Celtic/Gaelic names. One day, I stumbled upon the name “Breena” and instantly fell in love with it. I noticed that four of the letters in this name were also present in my daughter’s name, Adeline, and all of them were also present in my name, Bernadette. What fascinated me even more was that the name “Breena” translates from Gaelic to mean “of the fairy palace”. I find sea glass to be truly magical, and since it is also “of the fairy place”, I couldn’t think of a more fitting name for these enchanting gems than Breena.

When I immerse myself more into the meaning of Breena, I discovered that it also means brown, which is my surname. What are the odds?! I can’t help but feel that this was a sign. Don’t you agree? 🙂


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