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The Ocean/Sea is our greatest treasure. It is an essential component of the Earth’s ecosystem, it regulates the Earth climate and generates most of the oxygen we breathe. The world’s oceans play an essential part in human survival – without water, life is impossible. Packaging waste is a global problem that threatens our oceans and the health of the planet. That’s why we offer responsibly sourced, ethically crafted jewellery and PLASTIC FREE recyclable or biodegradable packaging to decrease the carbon footprint in the supply chain. We make sure to always seek out the most eco-friendly options and always make efforts to improve. 

We find it really important to protect our Nature,
our Seas and the marine ecosystems. 

Our Materials

Sea Glass

Sea Glass is an eco product. It is recycled, discarded glass that has been tumbling in the Ocean for years or decades or even for centuries. It is organic, and naturally shaped.

Jewellery material

We do our best to use Recycled Silver and/or eco Silver wherever possible. We are also happy to provide any advice when the metal tarnishes.

Jewellery Pillow

We’ve replaced foam box fillers with HAND-MADE fabric pouches, to ensure our packaging is plastic free. We carefully make these jewellery pillows from sustainable linen
– which is one of the most environmentally sustainable fibres to produce- and 100% organic bamboo wading, filled with a generous amount of sacred herbs.


Our packaging is recyclable or made from recycled material and plastic free. Our Postal boxes are fully recyclable.

Tissue Papers, Cards

Our tissue paper is acid free which means it has less chemical agents involved in the manufacturing process, so it is more environmental friendly option. It is  made from recycled paper and it is also biodegradable and compostable. We use sketching paper, which is also BIODEGRADABLE.

Wax Seal

We believe the seal makes the gift wrap extra special. All our sealing wax is made in the traditional way with only Natural Resins and Beeswax which are amongst the most sustainable waxes, and it is totally plastic free.



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