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the journey of a sea glass

Back in time

Once upon a time, years-even decades – ago, there was a glass, discarded, unwanted and tossed out to the sea. It was washed up several times on the beach, only to be taken away again by the tides and waves. As the tumbling of the ocean was breaking, smoothing and softening this piece of glass, it began the slow process of transformation and healing, resulting in a renewed divine jewel. After a long journey of rolling in the ocean, a miracle happened one day, and this gemstone remained on the beach just to be discovered by someone and appreciated more than ever before.  

Who knows what journey it had before it was washed out to the shoreline? Perhaps it came from an ancient cargo lost in a shipwreck, or maybe it was dropped intentionally by sailors. It may have been a treasured piece of family glassware that was accidentally broken and discarded, or a bottle factory might have dumped it a century ago and travelled decades to reach this shore.  

Whatever story this sea glass holds is its own secret now. Still, one thing is sure: along its journey, this gemstone faced several waves with so many ups and downs, but it overcame all the challenges which transformed it into a unique, genuine precious piece to be truly honoured.  

through the highs and lows of lifE

COLLECTING & Cleansing

We believe that Sea Glass can hold on to stagnant energies, just like Crystals so we find it really important to cleanse it and charge it after collecting the pieces. We like to place them into a bowl of water with a large raw quartz crystal. Then if the weather allows us, we place the bowl in the sunlight to energise and purifies the sea glass pieces. After they received the profound cleaning, and filled with positive healing energy, the Sea glass pieces are placed on a towel to dry and to charge by the warmth of the sun.


Inspired by our deep belief in the healing powers of the earth, we create magical jewellery that will help you on your unique journey. Depends on the design we have in our mind, we usually drill the Sea glass pieces or we create a bezel setting for them, or sometimes we wrap them in 925 Sterling Silver Wire. When the jewellery is ready, we love to place it in a singing bowl and ring it to pure and gentle the vibrations and give the Sea Glass an extra healing energy.

PACKAGING & Shipping

When the beautiful jewellery pieces are ready, and been selected by their new owners, it’s time to get ready for shipping. Each item is packaged in an eco-friendly branded jewellery box, in a presentable packaging and shipped in a recyclable postage box. We make sure to always seek out the most eco-friendly options and always make efforts to improve. READ MORE HERE about sustainability and our commitment to this Planet.

for the powerful you!

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