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Nature Print Collections

You can find our exclusive collection of Fine Art NATURE photographs here on this page. We believe that nature scenes are really important for creating a serene atmosphere in your house. It is not only good for your home, but it can also greatly improve your health.
When you place photographic prints on the walls of your home, this allows you to bring more of a sense of nature into your home.  Just looking at photographs of nature can improve our health by reducing feelings of anxiety, stress, and anger. We can ground ourselves in a way that promotes peace and relaxation.

The colours also have an important part of our daily life. Studies show that colours like blue and green reduce stress. Nature images that depict green foliage and blue water are shown to calm nervous system activity and can even reduce blood pressure . Nature scenes with details of leaves, rocks and water are also useful in stimulating this reaction. We can all imagine how does it feel to walk on the beach, throwing a rock into the ocean, or how the crashing waves sound.. Nature artwork can help recreate that same feeling on a regular basis.

Let’s browse our Print Collections.

All the images were taken by Bernadette Barna Toth ( Founder of Breena)


The waves represent the change in flow we face throughout life. it represents the ups and downs of life and how we overcome it. 
Every one of us will inevitably have difficulties and challenges as we go through life.. No matter how large or small, but there are storms of life once in a while. But not all storms are there to crush us, it is often just teaching us something important. Without these times, how would we learn to find the flow of life? We need to Embrace them and let them teach us more about us to exceed and transform ourselves.


To embrace the entire ocean of our life first we need to cultivate mindful presence: The ability to be present to whatever is…to accept your reality, so you can work toward finding a solution and restore peace into your life.  There are things we best learn in the storms, but also some things we can learn in calmness if we listen deep within. The ocean can bring us wisdom we need if we seek it.

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