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Sea Glass Jewellery From Portishead

Real Sea Glass

A glass with a Past

There is a real powerful hidden energy in every little piece of a sea glass. Like a calming force against a storm, Sea Glass is a helpful catalyst in passing through trying times. Sea glass is not just some fancy pebble; each piece of genuine sea glass has its own story to tell; they have their own unique energy. They are entirely unique just like the uniqueness of each personality and their individuation process. It is truly a gift from Mother Nature.

Sea glass is a powerful companion through all stages in life, while it strengthens faith in the self and trust in the universe and reminds you that there is always hope. Sea glass has therapeutic properties that bring healing to bodies and relives the soul of any emotional traumas. It is like a calming force against a storm, radiating its unique energy and positive vibe that help you calm the mind, body and spirit.







Sea Glass is a grounding stone and can help you to practice mindfulness. It can be held at times of worry and stress to support emotional well-being or to work with by incorporating it into your meditation practise. As you are wearing them on a necklace, it is always near so it is easy to keep on hand and use it as an actual physical touchpoint. It can help you focus on your senses distracting from anxiety and absorbing any worries. Set a specific intention when you first hold your necklace in your hand and then you will have a perfect visual reminder.
Sea Glass is an element from the Earth.

It was part of the Ocean’s rhythm.

heart shaped healing rock

how to stay calm and focused while dealing with difficult situations

sea glass a healing stone in a girl's hand

Holding a HEALING STONE can be a powerful tool to connect with the energy of the ocean

(including your inner ocean) to empower the soul, align the body, mind and spirit.

Hold your sea glass pendant in one or both hands. Make sure your thumb or thumbs are touching the healing stone. (Thumbs have acupressure points that also helps you reduce stress so it is important to apply a firm touch.) Close your eyes and focus on your breath.  Visualize your sea glass pendant filled with white light and high vibrational energies. Take a deep breath and focus on letting go of all your worries as you breathe out slowly. 

Now imagine yourself descending down a long, narrow stairway towards a beautiful, inviting beach. 

Visualise you are walking toward an Ocean. You feel calm, relaxed and safe. See the bright blue colour up ahead, darker up above, and pale blue near the horizon. There are endless variety of hues… See the beach full of sea glasses. Imagine the waves gently crashing to the shore. It makes a rhythmic calming sound. Imagine that with every soft calm wave any tension, stress, or worries you might have are washed away.

Reconnecting with the present
reminds us that here is the only time there really is.

Colours have been an important part of our daily lives, influencing the mind and triggering emotions. It vibrates energy.
Every colour has a powerful psychological impact on people’s behaviour and decisions and even on our moods and emotions. They are influential in our lives and we are all affected by them. So we find it useful to know more about the meaning of colours and help you choose the best sea glass necklace. The colour energy is also related to a specific chakras.

Clear/White – 1st Chakra-
Resonate to the highest spiritual ideals, energy and purity.
Element Air- Peace, Universal Healing, Sincerity, Protection, Spirituality

Red – 1st Chakra- Passion, Power, Courage, Strength, Attraction, Attention

Orange –2nd. Chakra, Adventure, Creativity, Inspiration, Joy, Enthusiasm

Yellow –3rd Chakra- Personal Power, Joy, Optimism, Courage, Self-Confidence, Wisdom

Pink – 4th Chakra- Universal Love, Compassion, Tolerant, Friendship, Harmony, Inner Peace

Green –4th Chakra- Abundance, Healing, Prosperity, Hope, Growth, Emotional Stability

Blue –5th Chakra- Creativity, Self-Expression, Communication, Intuition, Peace, Joy, Tranquility, Faith

Violet –7th Chakra- Passion, Creativity, Spirituality, Dignity, Independence, Clarity, Intuition, 

Brown – EARTH Element- Nurturing, Security, Stability, Grounding, Reliability


Just Believe

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925 Sterling Silver Necklace| Sea Glass & Frosted Ocean Jasper Beads

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