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Our Magical Herb Pillow for Purifying and Cleansing
Our jewellery pillows are handmade from sustainable linen and 100% organic bamboo wading filled with 9 protective herbs.

Jewellery Pillow

When we set out to create our own handmade jewellery pillow, we had an idea in mind to make something truly magical yet powerful, like the sea glass itself.
We wanted to make ENERGETICALLY PROTECTIVE magic for the sea glass, with the intention to banish any negative energy and strengthen its power. Therefore we’ve put together a set of 9 SACRED HERBS for energetic protection and cleansing and we filled the SUSTAINABLE pillows with this magical blend of plants.

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Magical Herb Pillow
Magical Herb Pillow

This herbal formulation – associated with the moon the sun and the water element – offers a protective energy shield to the sea glass.

They were carefully selected based on their legend and their myth. Each selected plant has specific magical and healing properties and they are all stand in their own power. 

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Magical Uses of Herbs and their intentions



BLADDERWRACK– also known as Sea Spirit– is one of the most common seaweeds on our coast. It is a herb of protection. It helps bring and keep good vibrations and positive energy flowing into the stone. 

LAVENDER- This native of Europe is often used for invitation of the spirits. It brings peace and harmony. Believed to preserve chastity when mixed with rosemary. Lavender is calming, healing.

ROSEMARY– also known as Dew of the Sea– is truly a magical herb with countless spiritual and health benefits. This herb is full of legends.  It is associated with faeries and it is a symbol of friendship and loyalty. Rosemary is one of the many herbs that can attract good luck and protection.

WHITE SAGE– is a herb held sacred by Native Americans for hundreds of years. White sage is perfect for purifying and cleansing and a powerful herb for warding off negativity.  

DESERT SAGE– A close relative of White Sage. It used to cleanse, bless and heal, remove negativity from an object or person being cleansed.Desert Sage is also good for healing and cleansing rituals for the energy field, especially for objects, space and pendants.

JUNIPER -is a magical plant with amazing spiritual benefits. They are also recognized as symbols of purification and often represents protection. Similarly to the lotus flower– juniper trees/shrubs symbolize the strength and perseverance of the human spirit. They attracts good, healthy energies and love.

YERBA SANTA has a holy and sacred presence. It is used to help find inner strength, heal emotional wounds, and increase psychic abilities.
Yerba Santa is known to have a highly protective energy, which makes it the perfect addition to the herbal pillow. Its energies will imbue your home with spiritual protection.

CEDAR– Cedar trees are very old, wise and powerful spirits. They have been revered for their spiritual significance for thousands of years. It promotes calmness when it is used in sachets. It is a symbol of Faith, of nobility, of strength and of incorruptibility. Perfect herb for reconnecting with the earthly roots. 

CYPRESS– is the symbol of immortality as an emblem of eternal life. The cypress spirit indicates a time of clearing and cleansing any space to create room for new experiences and opportunities.

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