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Light in the dark- Can you embrace your potential?

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We live in a binary world where everything comes in duality. It is a spectrum connecting two parts with the opposite meaning. Heat does not exist without cold, happiness doesn’t exist without pain, and light does not exist without darkness. It’s neither good nor bad, it just is. We need darkness as much as we need light because light can be understood and appreciated so much more when we contrast and compare it to darkness. Just think about meditating or praying..  We close our eyes, therefore we enter the darkness to find lightness and begin to grow. The role of darkness is to understand and drive change and movement towards more positive experiences.. Through negative emotions, we can recognise the importance of positive emotions.. 

Light in the dark

Darkness is not something you need to escape, but to accept its existence and embrace it. Because as light does not mean only positive, dark does not mean only negative..  They simply represent polarities, both including the two opposites.

Light in the dark

However, both the Light and the Dark aspects can become imbalanced and there may be periods, where we live in the opposite for a while.

When the dark side is illuminated in your life, everything seems unbearable, the world looks like a really bad place. When you let the light shine through your life, you are instantly experiencing hope, gratitude, compassion, love, trust, acceptance and all the high vibrational feelings that can lift you up and change your life. 

Your experience is determined by your focus. YOU choose what to focus on. It is really important because your entire life experience is controlled by this simple thing, by what you pay attention to.

Your life can be either heaven or hell, depending on the lens you are seeing the world through it: either the lens of positivity or the lens of negativity. 

So even when the world is full of chaos, you can still have unique experiences in life. If you are going through something, think about how you can use this experience to make yourself a better person. You can learn things in the dark that you could have never learned in the light. When we balance these polarities of both light and dark, we become “conscious” bringing more awareness to how we use our minds..

We are so afraid of the dark, and I get it why.. It is uncomfortable, painful and challenging.. Nobody wants to go through painful periods of life, but this is not something you need to be fear of, or hide but to face and embrace it in order to find balance and to be able to return to your centre.

Dec 21 is the darkest day of the year.. It is Winter Solstice… Stillness before the Sun’s strength builds….

Slow down and embrace this darkness. Find a moment tonight, when the house is quiet, grab a piece of paper and write down what it is that you will leave in the darkness and what are you inviting into your life with the returning light. Then throw the paper into the fire and let go of everything that is not truthful..

Darkness emphasises the light. Darkness is part of the life, but it doesn’t have to rule it as well.

Let our necklace bring you light,
and guide you through the darkness

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