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How To Embrace Slow Living Through The Tranquil Art Of Beachcombing

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Before beachcombing-amazed by the view

In the hustle and bustle of our modern lives, it’s easy to get caught up in the fast-paced world and lose touch with our inner selves as well as our beautiful nature… No surprise that for many people, the concept of slow living has gained significant attention recently. For this reason, the desire to embrace a more mindful and intentional approach to our daily lives is appealing. Especially when we feel we can’t keep in touch with the “ever-running world” anymore. Amidst the chaos, there lies a simple and profound way to reconnect with our inner peace, to nature and to rediscover the Joy of Slow Living – through the tranquil art of beachcombing.

Deep Connection with Nature


We live in a coastal town in England, approximately a 15-minute walk from the beach. Despite living here for a while, in the first couple of years we only visited the beach occasionally. It took me a while to develope the habit of beachcombing. Firstly, I didn’t do much while I was there. I appreciated the view, took some photos here and there and then I went home.

As time passed, I discovered that being on the beach is not about the view. It is more than that. It feels like a momentary freeze in time; like everything is paused. Like the world is still going at its own pace however leaving me still, relaxed and eternal in the infinite time.

Therefore whenever I was longing for a clear mind, I would head towards the tidal waters. I started to spend more and more time along the shoreline just to feel that peace and that inexplicable deep connection I was experiencing there.

Tides ebbing and flowing, the sound of the waves crashing against the rock– feeling the gentle caress of the ocean breeze on my face, my senses slowly awakened to the sights, sounds, and smells of the beach.

I became one with nature and attuned to its rhythms and energy. In these moments of gratitude in nature, I found myself connecting with something greater than myself.

Discovering the beauty that lies beneath our feet

One day, I had a vision.. (read more about it here)
And in the blink of an eye, something drew my attention to the little treasures that were hiding amongst the pebbles. And so the journey of my beachcombing practise began!

Looking for treasures, beach combing became part of my life, and with it formed a new life. The beach at low tide is teeming with natural treasures. Seashells glistening in beautiful hues, driftwood weathered by time and tides, sea glass shimmering like rare gems – these are just a few of the enchanting beach treasures waiting to be found. 


Honestly, it’s so easy to get hooked on beachcombing. Every time I stroll along the shore, I experience a sense of excitement and accomplishment when I find something beautiful. The combination of fresh sea air and the soothing sound of the waves just adds to the experience. Every step forward reveals new treasures waiting to be discovered while I let my mind wander as I search for these hidden treasures.  

Beachcombing and self-expression

through creating art with beach treasures

There are many fascinating objects shaped by the ocean’s touch but for me, the ultimate prize is sea glass: of all shapes, sizes, and colours. I am forever fascinated by how special they are. 

Sea glass is more than just a pebble, it goes beyond that; Smoothed by decades of tidal movement and flow sea glass is the ultimate survivor, reminding us that we can overcome any challenges and obstacles. Even when the world feels like crashing waves sometimes, sea glass can be a reminder to never give up and always take time to slow down, embrace the moment, and recharge amidst the chaos of life.  

Sea Glass Jewellery on the beach

Through beachcombing, another passion was unlocked for me. A new opportunity for creativity and self-expression. The possibility to allow myself to embrace the artistic potential within these beach treasures. After mastering the art of drilling through the glass, we started to make seaglass jewellery with my husband and daughter. And the rest of that is history…

Find Solace
in BeachCombing...


Being on the beach is a therapeutic activity, that helps me unwind, and to slow down to savour the moment, allowing me to practise a slower lifestyle. I let my hair to get tangled by the wind, and my skin to feel the misty air. It’s easy to be lost in time, and break free while I notice all the little things, which otherwise might be drowned out in the commotion of daily life.

On the beach, I find moments of gratitude, I find; PEACE


Beachcombing teaches us that life is not always about rushing from one moment to another but rather about savouring each precious experience along the way.

It can give us a break from our hectic schedules and lets us immerse ourselves in the serenity offered by the shores. And with some practice and mindfulness, you can learn to bring the calmness experienced during beachcombing into everyday activities.

Beachcombing truly transformed my life and had a positive impact on my overall well-being. Because of beachcombing, I started to feel more relaxed in everyday life, and more aware of the things around me. A sense of “slowness” appeared in every aspect of my life. I don’t rush through things now, I embrace simplicity and nurture mindfulness.

So the next time when you visit the beach (no matter if it’s a holiday or just driving through a coastal town) why not give yourself a little time and stop there? If you do this a couple of times and make it your habit, I guarantee you will feel a renewed sense of joy and deep connection to Nature. 

Let beachcombing allow you to guide you towards mindful and slow living – where every step is taken with intentionality and every moment is embraced fully. It is during these peaceful moments that you may uncover hidden treasures that have always been around. You just never had the time to notice them before.

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